Hawaiian Crown Plantation & Chocolate Factory, Hawaii

Hawaiian Crown Plantation & Chocolate Factory Logo - HI Superfoods Partner Farm.


Tree-to-bar chocolate farm and factory. We do sustainable agri-forest farming where we grow cacao, ulu, bananas, coconuts, and acai. we also have a shop in downtown Hilo where we sell our value added products sourced from our farm along with other local grown products from partner farms such as coffee and macadamia Nuts.

In the early 2000s, Tom and his business partner established the Hawai’i Pineapple Company, LLC. It was here that they developed the Sweet Gold Pineappleā„¢ variety, a sweeter, less acidic variety of pineapple. Once the Sweet Gold Pineappleā„¢ was created, Tom began also growing cacao in hopes of one day creating a Hawaiian Chocolate.

By 2006, Hawai’i Pineapple Company, LLC, rebranded to Hawaiian Crown Plantation and Chocolate Factory. After years of growing cacao and perfecting the drying and fermentation process, Tom began crafting the perfect Hawaiian chocolate bar by 2008. Five years later, in 2013, Tom and his daughter Oona opened the Hawaiian Crown Hilo shop.