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For more information on the project or how you can get involved:

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Hawaii Superfoods Project
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Hawaii Superfoods Partners

The Hawaii Superfoods Project is proud to support a variety of local farms, CSAs, Food Hubs, and other organizations. This project supports local foods, local growers, and increased consumption of Hawaii-grown specialty crops. Although this project was initiated pre-COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic has devastated many of our local businesses. Especially in agriculture, in which the “product” is perishable and in part grown especially for tourism reliant markets.

BUY LOCAL! Our local growers are the heart of Hawaii, keeping our bellies full and our bodies happy!

  • Support specialty crop agriculture and the places where they operate (farmers markets, CSAs, etc.)
  • Try out new recipes and take part in the Hawaii Superfoods project.
  • When you are looking for Hawaii grown Superfoods, please contact these vendors!

Participating businesses listed here grow and/or distribute one or more Hawaiʻi grown speciality crops, including Hawaiʻi Superfoods identified in this project.

 Hawaii Superfoods Recipes developed by our partners and community members will be available in CSA boxes and for limited release in person as we’re able to accommodate public health guidance on COVID-19. We’re happy to support projects that are bringing attention to Hawaii Superfoods! If you’d like more information on collaboration, availability of recipe cards, or other project collateral, please contact us at eatlocal@hisuperfoods.com.

Are you a local farm, CSA or Food Hub who provides one of our 16 superfoods? We would love to promote your superfood fruit and veggies! Simply fill out our Project Agreement form.